LONG JING (100 gourmet tea bags for the office)

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Green tea from China, ‘Dragon Well’. One of the most renowed china teas.

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The best known, most popular China green tea,
Long Jingcomes from

It is known as “Dragon Well”. It has one of the best
reputations among Chinese teas. A must!

The tea grows on the peaks of the Tieh Mu mountains in Zhejiang
province. It can be recognised from the way the leaves are folded
in a tea leaf shape.


Colour: golden yellow

Texture in the mouth: astringency throughout the mouth. Plenty
of presence, lingers well

Flavours: acidic and slightly bitter

Aromas: vegetal and exotic fruit to start. A few burnt notes
[roast chestnut] with pronounced mineral aromas. A good finish in
the mouth with aniseed vegetal notes, like artichoke. A very good
balance between the aromas, texture and flavours.

Tea and food pairing:

Discover the excellent combination between Long Jing and fish
served in sauce, such as pollock, cod, rock salmon and monkfish.

Dragon Well'. One of the most renowned China teas. Originating from
the Zhejiang province, the plants grow on the upper slopes of the
Tieh Mu mountains. The tea can by recognised by the way it is
folded into the shape of a tea leaf. It has a delicate fragrance, a
slightly sweet flavour and a silky texture. The liquor is velvety
and long in the mouth, with a chestnut aroma.






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