Зелёный чай с нежным ароматом ванили и миндаля, дополненный лепестками календулы и бутонами роз.


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Детальное описание

Чай Таитянских Красавиц ˗ это зелёный чай, в котором сочетаются ароматы ванили, миндаля и розы. Купаж дополнен бутонами роз. Чай Таитянских Красавиц ˗ это зелёный чай, ароматная композиция которого подарит минуты сладкого и такого уютного наслаждения, а букет цветочных ноток напомнит о лёгкости и безмятежности островной жизни.



  1. 5 out of 5

    חובבת תה

    התה בעל ניחוח מורגש של וניל. טעים ומרגיע במיוחד.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I chose this tea because it had the most enticing aroma among the flavored teas range. I get sweet almonds dominating, then a more subtle vanilla, rose in the background, while the green tea is very, fresh and delicate. I think it deserves a maximum score because it tastes just like it smells: absolutely delicious! Makes for a great, relaxing treat, could even be served as a tea-only dessert, without tasting sweet or artificial. It is delightful without any addition of sugar or any sort of sweeteners.
    I have to also notice it is not very strong, which makes it convenient for a better control of the brew. It doesn’t get bitter too fast, as it happens with many teas on the market, but stays very light, subtle, and refreshing.
    Will repurchase in a tin, and I’m very curious to try a black tea based version, sometime in the future.

    Compliments to the creator of this mix, and thanks to the kind and polite assistants in the shop. It is rare to find a good flavored tea that would taste indulging, without being too candy-like. If you are not really into flavored tea mixes, here’s one you could try, to experiment.

    The shop itself is a pleasant experience, definitely will come back for more, and I highly recommend.

  3. 5 out of 5

    יאנה ט.

    התה שאני אכי אוהבת..!

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